Free Backgrounds

Welcome to DBN’s free background giveaway. The rules are very easy and straight forward.BJ191a 03 300x225 Free Backgrounds

1) All you have to do is like us on Facebook and/or follow us on twitter then just look out for our tweets and posts.

2) Through out each month we will be giving away FREE backgrounds……………yep just giving them away!!

3) When you see us post or tweet “CLAIM YOUR FREE BACKGROUND”.  Just go to the DBN’s twitter & Facebook Giveaway section of our forum click on “New Topic” and be the first person to post (anything you want) to claim your background, we will also post a pic of the background. We will then email you to get your shipping info and send you your background ASAP at absolutely no cost to you.

4) Prizes will be shipped to US adresses only.

Helpful tips

  • Register now for our forum to be able to post quickly!
  • Recruit friends and family to help let you know the giveaway has begun!
  • Follow us on both twitter and Facebook (double your notices)!


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